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  • Angeliese Wisdom: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

    In this exclusive interview, we sat down with entrepreneur Angeliese Wisdom to discuss her journey in the world of entrepreneurship and the challenges she has faced along the way. Angeliese shares her experiences and provides valuable insights into overcoming obstacles, finding inspiration, and identifying opportunities in the business world.

    Overcoming the Mindset Challenge

    Angeliese opens up about the biggest challenge she faced in her entrepreneurial journey — mindset. While she always believed she had the potential to run her own business, she quickly realized that it required more than just a desire. The mental shift that comes with becoming your own boss, CEO, and authority figure can be overwhelming.

    Initially, Angeliese struggled to understand what was holding her back. However, she found solace in a community of like-minded individuals and sought guidance from mentors. Through self-work and partnership, she embarked on a transformational journey of positive thinking, manifestation, and self-discovery. By understanding herself and recognizing her self-worth, Angeliese overcame the mindset challenge.

    Finding Inspiration and Identifying Opportunities

    We delve deeper into what inspired Angeliese to start her own business and how she identified the opportunity for her venture. As a child, she always knew she would become a business owner. However, it wasn’t until she received several signs pointing towards her current business that she took action.

    The first sign came from family members who casually suggested that Angeliese could utilize her education to offer bookkeeping services. This idea gained momentum when she stumbled upon a free download on Facebook that aided in pricing her bookkeeping services. Motivated by these signs and armed with newfound knowledge, Angeliese joined a supportive community of individuals treading the same entrepreneurial path.

    Staying Motivated in the Face of Setbacks

    For Angeliese, staying motivated has been a challenge, but her biggest source of motivation lies in her children. While she initiated her entrepreneurial journey for personal fulfillment, she also aims to create a legacy for her loved ones. This long-term perspective keeps her focused, knowing that the efforts she puts in today will yield substantial benefits for the future.

    To maintain daily motivation, Angeliese engages in various mindset tasks. These include meditation, reading, and self-care activities. Taking time for herself allows her to recharge and approach challenges with a positive mindset. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who provide support and accountability. Having someone empathetic to lean on during frustrating times is invaluable in this journey.

    Balancing Personal Life and Entrepreneurship

    As a mompreneur, Angeliese understands the delicate art of balancing personal life and work commitments. She acknowledges that achieving a perfect balance is unrealistic. Instead, she has experimented with different methods to find what works best for her.

    One effective strategy Angeliese employs is creating a set schedule. This includes specific times dedicated to her morning routine, which focuses on maintaining a positive attitude and high vibrations. Additionally, she schedules a lunch break to break up her day and prevent burnout. By structuring her time, she ensures consistency and sanity in her busy life.

    Effective Time Management and Prioritization

    In the world of entrepreneurship, time management and prioritization are essential skills. Angeliese has honed these skills through trial and error, discovering what works best for her unique circumstances.

    To manage her time effectively, she utilizes various softwares and tools to keep track of different projects, clients, and pieces of wisdom. This helps her maintain focus and productivity. Additionally, Angeliese has a community of like-minded individuals that help to keep her accountable to projects and deadlines.

    Using the knowledge and wisdom of various mentors, she has implemented the schedule for her self care and is working to determine her balance for the backend business management and the client work. Her biggest piece of advice to other mom business owners is to remain flexible and give yourself grace. It is all a learning curve, and she is always ready to pivot to the best practice for herself, her family, and her business.


    Angeliese Wisdom’s entrepreneurial journey is one filled with challenges and triumphs. By conquering the mindset challenge and embracing personal growth, she has successfully navigated the complexities of being her own boss. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that with the right mindset and support, they too can turn their dreams into reality.

    As she navigates the delicate balance between personal life and entrepreneurship, Angeliese recognizes the importance of experimentation and flexibility. While striving for a perfect balance may be elusive, she has found solace in maintaining a set schedule and prioritizing self-care.

    With her wealth of experience, Angeliese Wisdom continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Her commitment to growth and self-improvement serves as a guiding light for those embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

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