Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Staff – What separates you from everyone?

Bry – The thing that separates me from the competition as an artist is my wanting to reach my own highest potential. I have no interest in being like/mimicking any other artist or trying to outdo anyone. I just thrive to embody my version of what the best artist looks like and how they would move.

Staff – Any special characteristics that you want high the light in your brand?

Bry – I would say the special characteristics of my brand would have to be uniqueness. I’m still working on developing my overall brand but I’m also doing so in a way that’s unique to me and what I stand for.

Staff – What motivated you to start your own brand?

Bry -Music, and entertainment would have to be the biggest motivators for me to create my own brand. I’ve always been a lover of good music and once I noticed I was capable of making music and sounding good with it; I immediately knew if I were to pursue being an artist I’d want my own brand and style.

Staff – Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Bry – In five years I see my brand/company having a huge fan base, doing merch, touring globally, doing shows in all cities, and dominating the music game. Also getting into acting/movie entertainment as well.

Staff – What do you want readers to benefit from the article?

Bry – I want the readers of this article to benefit by learning about Bry Jhn and my music catalog/songs. They can also follow me on social media such as Instagram & Twitter (@bryjhn) to be updated on my new releases and any upcoming announcements. But from an advisory standpoint, I’d like the readers to also believe in themselves to pursue anything that they want to in life. Nothing’s impossible but everything takes work and time. Once you’re willing to invest the work and time into whatever it is that your heart desires you’ll be able to achieve it one way or another.

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