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Exclusive Internet Traffic Magazine Interview With Aimee Purple Rain

How did it feel when you first heard yourself on the radio?

Aimee – It was very humbling experience to hear my song “Falling For You” on the radio. I felt like sky is the limit after that.

How does it feel to be successful artist in todays time?

Aimee – It’s dope and sometimes I juggle many titles, I’m a registered nurse and mom, can be tough but very rewarding.

How many hours do you think you spend in the studio?

Aimee – record when I’m ready to do a new song I do 2-4hrs at a time.

If a fan came up to you for advice? What’s 2 things you could tell them?

Aimee – Surround yourself with those already where you want to be, speak the life you want, do what brings you happiness

If you had to choose one artist to work with from the industry who would it be and why?

Aimee – Chris Brown, he is from VA and his music journey is dope 

What’s the latest project you are working on for the fans?

Aimee – A spinoff of my most recent single “Beat knockin” ft DiamondATL

Did you lose any friends on your journey?

Aimee – Not really lose just different paths now

Does your music career effect your family in any way? Negative or positive.

Aimee – Most are very proud of me and voice that, I see no negative from them and I’m thankful for that

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