Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Exclusive Internet Traffic Magazine Coverage With Musician Jeff Addo


Staff- How did it feel when you first heard yourself on the radio?


J.Addo-It felt great it was like a dream come true. Every artist inspires for the world to hear there music it was a big blessing especially seeing how excited my fanbase was to hear it.

Staff-How does it feel to be successful artist in todays time?

J.Addo-It’s amazing we have accomplished so much we have been BET, MTV, The Source, ThisIs50 and so much more. I also have over 1 million total youtube views. It feels great but there is so much more to do so there is no time for comfortability but i am truly grateful.

Staff-When did you mix and master your first official project?

J.Addo-My first official project was in January 2010 it wasn’t my best work honestly but i am still proud of that project it made me the man I am today.

Staff-How many hours do you think you spend in the studio?

J.Addo-I am in the studio about 3 days a week about 5 hours a session which keeps me super busy and keeps the ideas flowing with equals to great music.

Staff-If a fan came up to you for advice? What’s 2 things you could tell them?

J.Addo- I would tell them to keep on chasing there dreams and never worry about anyone’s opinion. Also to stay humble an always count your blessings

Staff– If you had to choose one artist to work with from the industry who would it be and why?

J.Addo- I would work with Wale he is one of my favorite rappers. Also he is from my hometown of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Big time artist that Im praying to one day work for.

Staff-What’s the latest project you are working on for the fans?

J.Addo-This year april 26th on my birthday I dropped my album entitled J.Addo “Memoirs” album which is doing amazing spotify and apple music its streaming on all platforms.

Staff-Did you lose any friends on your journey?

J.Addo-Yes for sure I realized that everyone can’t come with you on your journey. For the most part in my circle we have been close all our lives and we are still close until this day.

Staff-Does your music career effect your family in any way? Negative or positive.

J.Addo-I would say little bit of both but the key to succeeded in both is finding out the balance and boundaries to succeed in both.


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