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Exclusive Internet Traffic Magazine Coverage With Brett Berish

1.) What separates you from the competition?

Brett- We never follow trends! The industry has always doubted our brands, but we are unique in the sense
that our brands don’t look or taste like other products. When you’re different there are always going to
be skeptics, but we don’t believe in introducing “the same old thing.” I need to feel like there is a
meaningful difference between our brands and what’s already being sold – otherwise what’s the point
in creating something new?

2.) What was your first mistake in business?

Brett- I’ve made plenty of mistakes, the key is I always try and learn from them. One that comes to mind
though is my first brand, 3 Vodka. It was distilled from soy (which no one at the time was doing) so it
was a little ahead of its time. I took what I earned from the brand to fuel my next project, which
happened to be Armand de Brignac, better known as “Ace of Spades” Champagne, which became one of
the most successful brands of all time in the super-premium Champagne category. So, I like to think 3 Vodka
is my most successful brand, because it got me to where I am today.

3.) What was your first official drink that was your favorite?

Brett- I don’t know about my first official drink, but I have two current favorites: one is a combination of
Bumbu XO and Bumbu Original, which I call “Bumbu XOG”. Bumbu XO is a more traditional aged sipping
rum, Bumbu Original is something totally unique, a bit sweeter and more flavorful. I go half and half,
sometimes with a big ice cube.

4.) How did you come up with your brand?

Brett- I grew up in the business – my father was CEO of Jim Beam for many years and my brothers, and I were
always around the business. I did other things when I was younger, but the wine & spirits industry has
always been my first love.

5.) How much time did you spend working on your craft?

Brett- Well, I have been in the industry 22 years now, and am still perfecting my craft. With each brand, how
we get to find their niche market depends on what happens the day we showcase the brand. We never
assume or dictate the consumer before we release a brand, because how could we? We just release a brand and then we figure it out. I know that doesn’t sound corporate, because it isn’t, but it works for
us, and we learn as we go.

6.) Did you ever feel like it would impactful when you first started?

Brett- For me, it’s always been trial an error, but first and foremost, having a brand that tastes good and looks
good. You can’t get someone to try your brand unless it looks good, and you can’t get them to come
back if it doesn’t taste good. Our brands look different, they stand out on the shelf – and that is an
incredibly impactful tool when it comes to things like social media, where you only have a split second to
catch someone’s attention. Our bottles make statements and they back it up with what’s inside.

7.) Please describe any special characteristics of your brand?

Brett- All my brands have special characteristics, nothing about them is ordinary or traditional, I want them to
stand out against their competitors. Luc Belaire, our line of French sparkling wines has earned global
acclaim for its exquisite taste and striking package, and is the now the fastest-growing French sparkling
wine in the world; Bumbu, our craft rum from Barbados ranks among the world’s most critically acclaimed rums, and is already the best-selling brand in the U.S. premium rum category; McQueen and
the Violet Fog, is a small-batch gin from Jundiai, Brazil, which was awarded a 93-point score by Wine Enthusiast, and last but not least, our newest release, Villon, which is revolutionizing the French liqueur

8.) Stack pack greatly appreciates you doing an interview with his magazine, did you ever think
there would big influencers such as him represent sovereign brands?

Brett- Influencers come to us because they believe in our product and enjoy the taste. It is important to us to
first start a dialogue with talent no matter how big or small they are. Sometimes it can be one big thing
that moves the needle, sometimes it's lots of little things. For every one popular name supporting our
brands, I can tell you 99 other celebrities who had brands that didnt work. To me, a successful
partnership is finding like-minded people who we connect with and whom we both get something out of
this. This works for both of us because we are both inspired by each of our spaces. That works for me.

9.) What motivates you to start your own brand & why?

Brett- Having a great product motivates me. To me, it’s about differentiation first and foremost. There has to
be a reason to reach for your product instead of the tried-and-true ones.

10.) Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Brett-We are always working on new things. I have probably 10 ideas for new brands I want to do right now,
and the only problem is I can only release one or two a year!

11.) What do you want readers to benefit from this article?

Brett- Take a chance! Listen to your gut! When you are an entrepreneur, you get bombarded with advice from
people who have no skin in the game. If you are starting your own business, it’s because you believe
your ideas are good. Trust those ideas. I always say that if we are going to fail, I want it to be my fault,
not because I trusted someone else’s opinion over my own. Trust in yourself and commit to it!

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