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Exclusive Internet  Traffic Magazine Interview With Rising Artist With Lil Hitta 

When did you start your journey?

Lil Hitta -I started my journey as a very young child. Started rapping at the age of Five. My first time recording a song in the studio i was 15. And ever since then there was no turning back.

Did you get any time to reflect on how far you came?

Lil Hitta – To be very honest i never got a chance to reflect on how far i came. But with this project coming out i definitely will take the time to reflect. I put so much of pain and work in over the years! I know God has a plan for me. I’m confident in that. 

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Lil Hitta – The hardest part of my job is pushing people out of my ear. Sometimes you have people who don’t really see your vision and thats when the challenge starts. You have to keep going and believe in yourself even if no one else does. 

Do you have anything new to tell the upcoming people who do what do?

Lil Hitta – To anyone up and coming doing the same thing i do, please don’t  let anyone put their insecurities on you. Some people are scared to dream big. Reach for the stars! 

What does collaborating mean to you and how does it relate to you?

Lil Hitta – Collaborating means connecting to me. Before I say this and before anyone catches offense just hear me out. I really have to rock with you or really rock with your music. Collaborating relates to me in a way where it’s very special when I do collaborate because that means I genuinely rock with them as a person or genuinely like their music and we’re going to put out some magic.  I try to be very honest and with that being said I know I’m going to put my all on a song so I’m not the type to just put my craft on any song. When it’s natural chemistry the best music is made. I do want to get anyone confused, I’m not against working with new people at all either, but that passion in the music has to be there. And if we are in the studio together let’s really vibe out and connect and give everyone something great to listen to. I’m in love with music. I like working with others who are in love with music as well when I do collaborate.

What’s the best thing about making music?

Lil Hitta – The best thing I like about making music is that I can be free. I can put my life into music. Any emotion. Pain, anger, happiness, sadness I can put it all in music. Music doesn’t let me down. It’s my way of venting. ill rather go to the studio and vent to the microphone before I call the next individual and tell them how I’m feeling.

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