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When did you start your journey?

I’ve always had questions about the world I live in for as far back as I can remember. I was always interested in the supernatural world and nature.  But I officially started learning about spiritual and magical practices at age 15.  But the good stuff, the transformational work, didn’t begin until my early twenties.  Everything metaphysical and new age book I could get my hands on, I had them. I spent a lot of time at book stores combing through the shelves trying to find the perfect book that would help me unlock my inner power.

Did you get any time to reflect on how far you came?

Honestly I never really think about it.  This journey is a forever thing for me.  At some point along the way, I realized that there was no destination I was trying to reach.  The more I discovered the more I wanted to know.  I have grown in so many ways and unlocked so many amazing things within, but I am just as eager now as I was, in the beginning, to continue learning more and more about myself and the mysteries of our reality.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

One of the most challenging aspects of spiritual work is working with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds,, socioeconomic status and varying life experiences.  There is no one size fits all solution for any one client.  So my knowledge base has to be extremely vast so that I am able to tailor my consultations to the specific and  unique needs of each client I work with.

Do you have anything new to tell the upcoming people who do what you do?

I would always recommend staying grounded and keeping a light heart.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have a beautiful childlike spirit and resonate with love.  The KEY piece of advice I would give is to “do the work” themselves.  Take time out to continuously cultivate your spiritual life and don’t let that be negotiable.  Protecting your energy and recharging will be very important to ensure that you’re not burning out.

What does collaborating mean to you and how does it relate to you?

Collaborating with my peers means community building for me.  When we get together to support others in our field everyone wins.  There may be clients that may need a different focus for their healing and I like to have other trusted individuals in the field that I can recommend.

Why did you get into your niche?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision.  I was always helping others throughout this whole journey.  I couldn’t seem to get away from this no matter what else I was doing.  Spirituality is so deeply a part of who I am that even the most mundane of conversations will shift to a spiritual perspective from me. I enjoy helping others.  I know that there are pathways for everyone to heal themselves and live very abundant and prosperous lives and it gives me the joy to see others tap into this way of living.  I don’t think I could’ve not done this work.  It chose me!

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