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When did you start your journey?

My wife had the idea back in 2019. She used to work for a supplement company called bucked up so we were always trying different flavors of Pre-workout. Buckedup had just come out with a grape flavor that I wanted to try. When I tried it for the first time I said to Taylor (my wife).”This tastes exactly like a grape otter pop. She responded, “Why don’t we make some?” So we made our own from bucked-up and plastic tubing from amazon. It was really sour and concentrated but it was still pretty good.  We sat on that idea for 1 year and ½. I started selling solar in Illinois then covid happened. With nothing to do, I dove back into the idea and tried to formulate my own pre-workout specifically for popsicles. Everything I tried for the first few months tasted awful. You couldn’t even lick it without gagging or feeling sick. I started watching food science videos on youtube learning about different acid profiles and flavoring agents. I remember the first time I made a popsicle that tasted half decent I was so elated. I did the whole fist pump and victory dance.  At this point, I knew it was possible but needed professional help. I hired some food chemist’s from Australia off of Kollab Tree and they helped me fine-tune it to the formula we have today.



Did you get any time to reflect on how far you came?

Yes, Multiple times. I still find it hard to believe that I have a massive popsicle machine and a warehouse. My favorite thing in the world is when people tell me how much they love our product. Reflecting on the business is also hard on the ego. All my personal flaws I see reflected in the business so I think it’s important to reflect on the good as well as the failures. That’s where true growth comes in.



What’s the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is the unknown. There are endless things you can do to improve your business. The hard part is determining which thing to improve and then how to execute it. And having limited capital makes solving problems a bigger challenge.


Do you have anything new to tell the upcoming people who do what do?

We have some exciting things coming down the pipe. We are adding a subscription model to our product. Where anyone who wants free shipping can subscribe anywhere from 1-3 month time frames. This should be Launched in March or April. When it does Launch we are going to do a massive giveaway. Free Pre Workout Pops for a year! We are also changing the packaging the pops come in and are going to launch two new flavors this summer.



What does collaborating mean to you and how does it relate to you?

Collaborating is when two parties both have something of value to give one another and they come together to mutually benefit both parties. In most cases with Pre Workout Pops, it comes with the exchange of products for marketing or creativity.



Why did you get into your niche?

I have been into Fitness ever since I was a little kid. I have 5 brothers so it was always a competition to see who was the fastest, strongest, and smartest one. I also competed in Men’s gymnastics till I was 18. I have always wanted to be in the fitness space. It just took me a few years to find out how.

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