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# 1 When Did You Start Your Journey?
In 1983, at the tender age of (9) I had the first intimate GOD Encounter in the Prophetic Dance, by the time I was (12) I found my voice to Speak and together these two gifts launched me into the Spiritual Healing Movement, which took me all over the nation, from dancing with Kirk Franklin, to having 100s to 1000s people engaged on the Altars in churches from Pensacola, Florida to Port Huron, Michigan; Denver, Colorado to Hollywood, California. The impact of my Dance and the Prophetic Words that proceeded from my mouth caused people to go from pain to victory.

#2 Did You Get Any Time To Reflect How Far You Have Come?
In the past (40) years, every Signature Dance and MoveMeant Talk that I have ever EXPRESSED was a reflection of the pain and trauma that I experienced and worked through. Which was my proving ground and platform to help so many.
My Signature Dances Were:
“A Wonderful Change” by Tramaine Hawkins; which was a time of transition in my life.
Then there was the “Alabaster Box” by C.C. Winans which was the catalyst to support my healing journey after the loss of my twin daughters at birth in 1996.
“YES”, by Shekinah Glory was the expression of the acceptance to a GREATER CALL on my LIFE. My Pain and Joy has been the substance of my REFLECTION and MY PROMOTION.
#3 What is the hardest part of your JOB?
The hardest part of my job as the CEO of MoveMeant Master LLC and a Professional Trainer for the Veterans Administration, is seeing people imprisoned by their own self- inflicted restrictions.
I was challenged in my own personal walk with God, to “Give God No Excuses” and to “Show Up for Myself.” I talk about this revelation in my soon to be released book,
“Little Girl In The Bubble”
Give God No Excuses was crystalized in my Dance Studio when pushing my students to go beyond the place called “tired” then “Showing Up For Myself” was a lesson learned from being in toxic relationships and learning to own My Worth.

#4 Do You Have Anything NEW To Tell The Upcoming Professionals Who Do What You Do?
YES, I am so glad you asked that question.
Show Up As Your Authentic SELF; Crush Your Limiting Beliefs;
GET Out of Your Comfort Zones; Enter into Wide Opened Spaces, because….
the WORLD is Waiting for You to Show Up. (Periodt)

#5 What does collaborating mean to You and how does it relate to YOU and Your Brand Today!
Collaborating is what put me on the map of working with the most amazing people from all walks of life. It is the backbone and strength of community. My greatest honor is partnering with God. He is the Co-Author of My Future. So, I truly take collaborating to heart in my Brand.
Currently a few of my co-labs are with ListeningCup GetAways with
Dr. Verlean Hailey-Russell Jennifer Loza, Domestic Goddess @ My DESTINATION TEA PARTIES;
Summer Dey in the FEAR TO FAITH National Conferences
(hosted in Dallas, Texas this year)


Established in 2004 Priestly Creations School of Dance
Graduate of
Amridge University 2015
BS in Psychology/Human Development
Employed since 2016 Veterans’ Administration Current Position: MSA Academy Trainer
Established since 2020 MoveMeant Master, LLC
Currently reside in Van Nuys, California
IG:Spiritual Movemeant Coach
FB: TressieReneeMovemeantMaster
Appointments | Movement Master, LLC

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