Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
When did you start your journey?
      Well, I have to say that about 20 years ago I started drawing what would become my logo for the World Healing Tour. It just sort of happened and I realized later it was the start of the mission that G-d gave to me. It actually sat for quite a while before         I  was ready to take on the mission. Around 2017 I heard G-d’s voice speak to me where He said, ” You will create a World Healing Tour.”  I said, “What me?”  and then I heard those words again. “You are going to create a World Healing Tour.”              Even Though I was scared and unsure of how I could accomplish it, I realized I had been given an important mission in this world. I quickly figured out that I could not do this monumental and critically needed mission on my own.  Since I was already creating events where I was bringing heart-centered leaders together to shine their light on the world, I knew that that would be the vehicle I would use for the World Healing Tour.
Did you get any time to reflect on how far you came?
     Every once in a while I would pick my head up from all the many details necessary to create such a global event and I would bask in gratitude for the miracles that showed up to support me in my mission. I am constantly blown away by how I am able  to attract so many amazing, heart-centered people to support me on my journey. I have grown exponentially in confidence, self-love, and compassion for both myself and others as my journey evolves. I think it is extremely important to celebrate my wins and appreciate my growth as a result of the process.
What’s the hardest part of your job?
      I would say it is assembling the right team of like-minded individuals that align with my mission and vision. I fully believe that the people I bring into my life have a major impact on the ease and success of my mission. I have been blessed to have found some amazing leaders who support me and allow me to support them. I would also add that prior to assembling my dream team,I have been managing the countless details of these events all by myself.  Therefore, learning to delegate tasks to other people and relinquishing control was challenging. I once heard that you have to become who you need to be to fulfill your purpose in life. I have since evolved into that person to allow me to delegate what needs to be in other capable hands.
Do you have anything new to tell the upcoming people who do what do?
      It is extremely important to have a purpose and passion that serves others. This is the juice and the fire that lights up your vision. This is what gets you through those lonely nights when it seems easy to lose focus and heart. Without this you have nothing. This is the main reason people do not see their vision come to fruition.
      Another very important ingredient in the success of your vision is to make a plan and a structure to carry out your vision. When I started I had a calling and no structure. I spent much time spinning my wheels with no direction or focus. Only when I            figured out a structure and definite path that I started gaining momentum and traction for my mission and vision.
      Lastly, if it’s not making you money , it’s a hobby not a business. The most important lesson I learned in this regard was that in order for me to carry out this mission of the World Healing Tour, I had to make lots of money so I can help lots of people.          That’s the power behind the message “Heal Yourself, Heal the World”  If you can not heal yourself, how can you heal the world?
What’s does collaborating mean to you and how does it relate to you?
    Collaboration has been the center of my mission since day one. You can not get to where you want to go alone. I have a saying that I have always connected with and live my life through ” Together we are won because together we win.”
    An example of collaboration inside the World Healing Tour is the World Healing Book Tour. This is where we bring authors to sell and sign their books at the events. Half the money they raise goes to Tony Robbins’ charity Feeding America to feed the hungry.
    I created my events to support the heart-centered leaders of the healing community so we can shine our light on the world to make it a better place. A community coming together is so much more impactful than a group of individuals working separately.
    In my book, “The Grass is  Greenest Where I Am”,  I explain that there is No Competition, No Comparison, and No Scarcity. I explain that there is such abundance in this world that there is no need for such things. We can safely and generously support others and that support only uplifts us. The World Healing Tour embodies these principles and I feel this is the perfect vehicle to heal the world.   If you would like to “Heal your health, grow your wealth and heal yourself,”                      Collaborate with us on the World Healing Tour

Why did you get into your niche?

   I love people and always had a desire to help them empower their lives. I want to leave a legacy of love and compassion for the following generations. In order to do that, I decided to create events to uplift first my community of heart-centered leaders and eventually uplift the world one community at a time. Only with all the heart-centered leaders working together can we make that extensive and far-reaching impact on the world. That is why I created the World Healing Tour so I can help us all bring love and compassion to the world and eventually change how we treat each other. Only then can we make this planet a better and safer place to live.
   Stack, I was wondering where you are going to place my contact info so people can reach out to me and find out more about what I am up to and to sign up for the event.
   Thank you so much for your generosity and support, Looking forward to seeing you at the World Healing Tour!
   Noah Crane

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