Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
I started my journey in February of 2023. I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, so I have always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur I just never had a clear idea of how I was going to do it. In December of last year, I had my third kiddo and knew that I wanted to be home with him, but I wanted to do something to still bring in some money and help support my household. Having a college background in accounting and a passion for creating and understanding the stories that are built with finances, I seized an opportunity presented to me and started my business. Having three children makes me strive to be the best version of myself I can be, and overnights at Walmart were not the place for me to grow into that person.
I have not really reflected on how far I have come because it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I started this journey. But when I do think about it, I realize that I made a life-changing decision. I am no longer miserable at a company that doesn’t care, I am not working against my circadian rhythm, and I am loving who I am and what I am doing. I am excited to wake up and start working. I show up with my bubbly personality and seize the day and every opportunity that I can. I know that this decision will have a positive impact on my future and my kid’s future.
To any upcoming bookkeeping/accounting professionals out there, just start the business, just take the plunge, in order to build the life of comfort that you desire you have to do the things that make you uncomfortable. If you have the opportunity, the desire, the drive, the passion, and the goal, jump on it. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your subconscious tells you, take the step and do what you know you can do. Even if it doesn’t seem realistic at first, remember that reality is what you make it. So, make your reality what you desire it to be not what you are taught it should be.
Collaborating means that people will work together to build each other up in any way they can. To me and my brand that means coming in, having that conversation, asking that question, and coming up with a strategy that benefits both parties in a positive way. For me, that looks like working with other financial advisors, bookkeepers, accountants, and tax preparers so that I can help those business owners around me to the best of my ability. To me, that looks like creating a wrap-around financial service that will benefit small business owners no matter where they are in their business journey!
I got into bookkeeping because of God. When I first started college, I was an engineering major (I have always loved math and numbers), but I made some life decisions that set me on a different path. After becoming pregnant with my first son, and having a really sobering conversation with my dad, I decided to change my major from engineering to business administration and then to accounting. I found a passion within the process and the ability to craft a meaningful story using the financials. I have worked for various small business owners doing various tasks from management all the way to the dishwasher. I learned firsthand, that the biggest obstacle for small business owners is cash flow management and having a good understanding of what they should be doing daily, weekly, and monthly to manage their business finances. When I realized that I could be of service to the many small business owners that I love, it was a no-brainer.
In the next 5 years, I will have a brick-and-mortar office here in my hometown of Evanston, Wyoming. Bookkeeping with Wisdom LLC will have expanded into a wraparound financial shop for all business owners. From tax preparers to bookkeepers/accountants, offering everything from financing options to cash flow management and business credit management. Not only will I serve the businesses in Evanston Wyoming, but I will work to serve the business owners in the virtual world. In the next five years, I will be a thriving business owner who is working to make her children and husband proud of the decisions made and the many accomplishments achieved that have all stemmed from what, at the time, seemed to be a crazy decision from February of 2023.

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